Testimonials for SIC

Testimonials to Suicide Intervention Certification Training

1) I learned most that I cannot help others until I help and heal myself first. Although I have a lot more work to do, this part of my life is starting to heal and 9 years of weight related to suicide was lifted off my shoulders. Unit 4 was my breakthrough and I am forever grateful.

2) Unit 4 was the best part for me as I needed the help and healing working through my grief. The art was very helpful in expressing myself in a way I’m not used to.  Then going over the art afterwards was very eye opening.  I’m excited to start journaling for 1 month to see what my purpose is and to reflect. I’m also excited today to learn self care as I tend to worry about everyone else but not myself.

3) I enjoyed everything about this program. 

Lori Hiitola, Nursing Supervisor, North Peace Tribal Council    July 18, 2017

1) For years, all the training I took was “down and under” focused so I was very hesitant to take part or feel comfortable with suicide incidents although my professional and personal life I had no choice.  I feel very confident I can help some one at risk knowing the “up and out” component and the methods learned i.e. grounding and art therapy.

2) The combination (4 part model) makes sense as the theory and experience allowed me to use my left brain knowledge to stir my right brain to be able to express all my feelings.

3) I especially like the Crisis Intervention Healing Model.  So concise and easy to follow.

4) I like the safety and professionalism is which the sessions were instructed the best.

Karen Benwell, Nurse, North Peace Tribal Council July 18, 2017


 1) I learned about suicide and it possible long-term and immediate causes.

2) I gained knowledge and skills that will assist me in helping someone who are at risk for suicide.

3) I gained knowledge and skills to assist me in helping someone bereaved from a death by suicide.

4) The methods I learned and used during this training allowed me to do some of my own healing.

5) Things I like best about this program are:

  1. I feel prepared to assist individuals at risk, who were at risk, and who are bereaved thanks to the skills I learned.
  2. I feel as if I cannot only identify person at risk, but to actually assist them.
  3. I feel capable of counseling a person bereaved by a death from suicide, when I would have referred that person to someone else prior to this training.
  4. I came into this training with the mind set that I was here to gain professional skills to work with clients, however, I did not expect to experience so much personal growth and healing. I am forever grateful for Dr. Jane Simington and her training.
  5. What I learned most in this program is how to work with someone who is an immediate risk of suicidal behaviors, and working with bereaved individuals.
  6. Things I like best about this program are:
    1. Hands-on and experiential learning techniques were utilized. Information covered front pre-crisis, to post-crisis and appropriate interventions.

Janessa Collins, Wellness Mentor at Westbank First Nation                                                                                                                                                                          January 26, 2017


  1. There were many areas that were grey. I have so much new knowledge and feel it can be integrated easily.
  2. I now have the language to assist and living attention to suicide ideation able to assess it more quickly.
  3. Knowledge of bereaved person(s) by suicide was good learning and it build confidence. I also like the Grief Counseling Model and practice. Using the Down & Under Questions / Up & Out Questions.
  4. I do anticipate personal healing and welcome that opportunity. I feel truly empowered when I can heal another soul part.
  5. What I learned most in this program is how acute grief, integrated grief, complicated grief are clearly defined and helps me to work in the definition of each sub category.

    Things I like best about this program are:

    Opportunity to practice on other participants

    Open book exam

    Clarity from instructions on questions

    Doreen Waskewitch, Health Support Worker at Tribal Chiefs Venture Inc, St. Paul

    January 26, 2017


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