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Through Soul’s Eyes (Taking Flight Books, 2013) by Jane A. Simington, PH.D

Through Soul’s Eyes: Rekindling a Life of Joy and Promise $20.70
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If you are searching for ways to live a more meaningful and abundant life, one filled with joy and promise, Through Soul’s Eyes will guide you in that discovery. In Through Soul’s Eyes you learn how to cross the physical threshold and enter the level of your soul. This knowledge will reawaken an understanding of your soul’s symbolic and metaphorical language which was silenced by any emotional and soul pain you experienced. In Through Soul’s Eyes you are offered tools to help you interpret the messages your soul reveals in art, imagery and dreams. The application of these messages will aid in restoring to wholeness your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, thus rekindling trust in your inner wisdom and empowering you to gracefully move your life in the joy-filled direction of its soulful purpose.

Through Soul's Eyes


Through Soul’s Eyes (Kindle Version) $9.85

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Journey To The Sacred: Mending a Fractured Soul $17.60

(Taking Flight Books, 2003) by Jane A. Simington, PH.D

Are you searching for healing after a challenging life event? Are you struggling with your long-held beliefs, searching for answers that more closely fit the awareness now growing within you? Do you seek affirmation about the deep spiritual truths you are discovering, about yourself, your grander purpose, and life in general? Reflecting on the wisdom of ancient teachings, sacred sites, dreams and symbols, offered in Journey to the Sacred, you gain insight into your deepest, soul-ponderings. Inspired, you view your sacred self and you spirituality beyond the boundaries of religion or culture. You find incredible hope for moving from mere survival, to transformation. Dr. Jane Simington, the Woman of Hope, who has transformed her own life after a tragic loss, leads you through the dark nights of your own soul’s challenges and into the joy of discovering the meaningful and purposeful life you were meant to live. Reviewers value this “best-seller,” as a powerful soul-reflective mirror for both personal and professional benefit.

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Click HERE to read a Book Review by Coholic, D. 2003. In Canadian Book Review Annual 2002(2163):93.

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Journey to the Sacred: Mending a Fractured Soul (Kindle Version) $9.00

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healing,"mending a fractured Soul"

Viaje hacia lo Sagrado (Kindle or Paperback Version)

Spanish edition of  “Journey to the Sacred:  Mending a Fractured Soul”

Available for purchase from  Click here for the link  to the Kindle Version

Available for purchase from  Click here for the link to the paperback Version

Available for purchase from Click here for the link to the Kindle Version


Responding Soul to Soul:
During times of spiritual uprooting – Booklet $8.30 plus shipping and GST

Has your life experience caused you to reexamine your beliefs, your views of the meaning of life and you place in it? Are you struggling to find answers to the nagging questions that surface from deep within? As you reflect on the questions and thought provoking insights offered in Responding Soul to Soul you recognize how unfulfilled spirit needs can lead to spiritual distress. You discover that spiritual distress is a great opportunity for spiritual growth and that spiritual growth brings clarity to life’s purpose. Responding Soul to Soul is recommended for both personal and professional uses. It is an excellent study guide for groups exploring spirituality and is recommended as a supplement to the video Listening to Soul Pain.

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