Grief Support OnLine Course is Coming Soon

In last month’s newsletter I mentioned that within the month we would release the Grief Support Certification Training as an Online program. October ended up being a very full month of travel and work for me, and so the Online training product is not yet ready for release.

I have been delivering the Grief Certification Training in a class-room-style setting since 2004 and included in the Online training all the components taught in that program. Since I still have more work to do on the Online training program I thought it a good idea to ask all you, especially those of you who have already taken the training, and those of you who would like to take the Grief Support Certification training so as to be certified as a Grief Support Counselor, to tell me the top two items you believe must definitely be included in the Grief Support Certification Online Training program.

Please leave your comments including your top-two must-include items on my blog or email me at


Thank you so much for your contributions

Before I Was Your Mother

Before I was your mother,

I was a girl,

who had no idea of anything

outside of pain and sorrow,

a girl who did not know

how to be a girl.

Before I was your mother,

I was a girl

beaten for not being

what my mother

wanted in a girl.

Before I was your mother,

I was a woman


for not being what

a man wanted in a wife,

Before I was a mother,

I was lost for so very long,

Before I was your mother

I was a woman

who did not know

how to be a woman.

When I became a mother,

in your eyes

I was not a woman,

I was a role

needed to be played.

Before I was a mother

I did not know

what being a mother was

I tried on many different things.

While being your mother

I was condemned

For not being the woman

my parents wanted me to be

while being your mother

I struggled

to be a girl,

to be a woman.

I struggled to be.

You struggled against

my becoming a woman,

you struggled against

my becoming a girl.

You struggled against my love,

punishing me for not being

what you wanted me to be

as your mother.

I struggled against my love too,

I was never me.

When I became your mother

I was beaten with words, with anger,

With rejection for not being

What a child wanted

in a mother,

together we created

an unhealthy way

of treating each other,

a pattern that did us

more harm than good.

Patterns designed to destroy

all we were working for

I fought to keep us together

This almost destroyed us

In becoming a woman

I stood up

to the girl, the woman

in you

and said no more.

That hurt you,

it was not intended to cause harm,

it was intended to break

the hurtful pattern

we were in.

Before I was your mother,

I was no body,

being your mother

gave me purpose,

a place to start.

We all need a place to start

Taking the time to find

Our place gives us

The opportunity to