Reasons for the Success

Success of Suicide Intervention Training


On a daily basis, people in numerous parts of the world are touched by the effects of suicide. While a variety of therapeutic approaches aimed at preventing suicide exist, most prove to be only minimally satisfactory. Several reasons exist for this lack of total effectiveness including:

1) Many helping models do not offer strategies appropriate to the social and cultural history of the person at-risk.

2) Most models designed to offer help during times of suicide focus on asking the right questions of the person at risk and all but fail to address the degree of physical, mental, social and soul pain being experienced by a person who is seriously considering suicide as an option.

The Suicide Intervention Certification Training program developed by Dr. Jane Simington PhD, and delivered through Taking Flight International Corporation gives you the suicide-informed knowledge and skills to assess any physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual pain being experienced by a person at risk for suicide. The Suicide Intervention Certification Training provides you with practical applications of effective wholistic and culturally-sensitive interventions that promote healing in every aspect of humanness.


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