Book Review: Journey to the Sacred

Volume 4 Number 1, 2004
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Moving from traumatic grief to transforming the fractured soul
Journey to the Sacred by
Shirley Stinson, OC, AOE, RN, EdD, LLD (Hon),DSc (Hon), University of Alberta,
Journey to the Sacred: Mending a Fractured Soul by Jane A. Simington, PH.D.
Taking Flight Books, 2003
ISBN 1-894022-82-3
$21.95 CDN

Much has been written about grief — but little about the effects of grief on the soul. Journey to the Sacred:Mending a Fractured Soul (printed by Centax Books ) is the story of author Dr Jane Simington’s remarkable journey from traumatic grief, after the sudden death of her young son, to the mending of “the brokenness of her soul.” Few professionals have any idea what a fractured soul might look like or what words others might use to describe their feelings in this regard.

But as one grief-stricken woman stated after reading this book, “It gave me a language to express the ‘soul pain’ I had. This is exactly what I have been experiencing; and this is the only reading ( and I have done much ) that has given me the means to personally understand my own traumatic grief.” Simington describes the soul changes she and many of those she has worked with face; and she clearly delineates the journey to soul healing and transformation. She states, “Soul growth demands the creation of new images which can support the acceptance of new knowledge as the journey unfolds.”

Dr Simington has extensive clinical, academic and research grounding in both nursing and psychology. She has recognized expertise in spiritual well-being and complementary methods of healing. She reminds readers that “spirituality is a process — not a final product.” She tells the reader how her journey to reclaim her “lost soul parts” involved the seeking and the testing out of the essence of healing from several Eastern and Western medical, cultural, religious and ancient healing paradigms, both academically and experientially.

Emphasizing the holographic nature of the Sacred Journey of her soul transformation processes, Dr Simington openly illustrates how she finally freed herself from grief –and set her son free. This book constitutes a living example of the ongoing, interactive life force of the human body, mind and soul with the life force of the Universe.

Journey to the Sacred: Mending a Fractured Soul is a scholarly, meaningful, well-referenced, yet very readable book. I recommend it as required reading for all health professionals, as well as for those who are attempting to heal from sudden, shocking grief.


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