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Dr Jane Simington, Ph.D.

An internationally acclaimed keynote speaker,

conference and workshop presenter.


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Dr. Simington brings her wealth of knowledge and professional experience as an educator, therapist, researcher, board chair and private business owner and manager. Her gentle and easy presentation manner and her willingness to share deeply from her own personal experiences of sorrow and triumph, capture and motivate. Every presentation is evaluated as excellent. Participants comment on how they felt empowered by her words and how they experienced Dr. Simington addressing them personally, even when in a large audience.

Educated in both nursing and psychology, Dr. Simington complements her academic background with an extensive knowledge of alternative and complementary methods of healing and spiritual growth. She is a master teacher and practitioner of a number of energy-transfer-healing modalities.

A certified clinical hypnotherapist and dream specialists, Dr. Simington incorporates into each presentation her understanding of symbol in its many forms, including art, nature and imagery.

 To learn more about Booking Dr. Jane Simington as a speaker and about her topics please visit   www.drjanesimington.com 


Participants are always delighted to know that Dr. Simington’s work is available following the presentation. Her award-winning videos Listening to Soul Pain,  Healing Soul Pain and her best-selling books Journey to the Sacred,  Through Soul’s Eyes each explore, in unique ways, the connections between healing, spiritual growth and empowerment.


To learn more about Booking Dr. Jane Simington as a speaker and about her topics please visit www.drjanesimington.com 

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