Grief Support OnLine Course is Coming Soon

In last month’s newsletter I mentioned that within the month we would release the Grief Support Certification Training as an Online program. October ended up being a very full month of travel and work for me, and so the Online training product is not yet ready for release.

I have been delivering the Grief Certification Training in a class-room-style setting since 2004 and included in the Online training all the components taught in that program. Since I still have more work to do on the Online training program I thought it a good idea to ask all you, especially those of you who have already taken the training, and those of you who would like to take the Grief Support Certification training so as to be certified as a Grief Support Counselor, to tell me the top two items you believe must definitely be included in the Grief Support Certification Online Training program.

Please leave your comments including your top-two must-include items on my blog or email me at


Thank you so much for your contributions

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2 Responses to Grief Support OnLine Course is Coming Soon

  1. Gaby Rivard says:

    Hi, I’ve been working for almost a year as an admin coordinator and as an intake worker for sexual assault services. I’m interested in taking your course. I have a Bachelor in administration from Venezuela but my soul now is in social services and my goal is to obtain more knowledge and acquire more credential in this field.
    With my background could I possible take your courses ?


  2. Marlane Tucker says:

    Hi Gaby, I have send you an email regarding the Grief Support OnLine certification.
    You can call me at 1 800 473 6732. I look forward fro speaking with you.
    Marlane Tucker Program Manager

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