Video Testimonial Suzanne Gette


I am Suzanne Prince Gette.  I have  over 30 years of experience working with various institutions. These include government agencies, businesses, and individuals. My most recent 11 year journey has been flying to isolated First Nations communities in Northern Manitoba as a Mental Health Therapist for First Nation Inuit Health. This is where I became acquainted with “the Spirit of a beautiful Nation”. This Spirit of ‘seeing with eyes of soul’ inspired me to dedicate my life to bringing the ‘light’ once again to the forefront as there had been darkness wrought with pain and suffering. The light which had once shone brightly with trust, courage, and hope in future generations had diminished with betrayals, separation from cultural traditions, and despair. 


I have (2) Masters degrees and maintains certificates as a Crisis and Trauma Response Therapist and as a Grief Support Therapist. I have been recognized as a Court Expert in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I was a team leader for counseling offered during the first  Truth and Reconciliation gathering at the Forks  in Winnipeg.  

I provide services of individual therapy, consultations, group therapy and workshops.  My work is experiential. I utilizes the beliefs of the people I works with. 

  My sacred path is to guide and accompany you in 



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