Video Testimonial Harley Eagle

Certification Training Graduate Profile:
Harley Eagle

Hello, my name is Harley Eagle. In two thousand eleven I became certified through Taking Flight International’s Trauma Recovery Program which was instructed by Jane Simington and her Colleagues. This training and the theory and practice that I learned has become foundational for much of the work that I do.

I work primarily for a non-profit international organization where my work involves addressing the many issues that face the Indigenous Peoples of North America and beyond. I am also a Practitioner/consultant in the field of Conflict Resolution.

For many years now I have been aware of the concept of historical or generational trauma in the lives of Indigenous Peoples. Experiences like Indian Residential Schools, forced removal from traditional lands, treaty violations, living under oppressive systems all contribute to unresolved historical trauma. I also realize that folks need healing from all kinds of trauma not just historical.

What I learned from the program was a tremendous amount of helpful knowledge on how we as human beings deal with trauma and how it affects our well-being if left unresolved. Then we learned skills on how to work at actually healing from unresolved trauma. What was most meaningful to me was that we were provided the opportunity to experience these technics first hand and work on our own unresolved issues. This was key to me as it allowed us to actually experience and feel thebenefits of these technicsnot only in theory. This deepens what and how we can offer these technics to others.

I continue to use what I learned on my own healing journey and as I work with others. It has provided me much deeper insight into my work and myself.

This training is one that I highly recommend for those that want to experience actual healing from trauma and that want to work at bettering the lives of others.


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