Who Should Attend Grief Support Certification

Who Should Take Grief Support Certification Training?

Individuals in each of the groups listed below have the potential for experiencing grief.

If you are working with, or would like to work with, children, or adults from any of the following or similar groups, then this training is definitely for you.

• Anyone grieving the death of a family member, friend or colleague

• Anyone grieving the relocation of a family member, colleague or friend

• Anyone grieving the incapacity or death of a pet or favored animal

• Anyone grieving a severed relationship such as happens in separation or divorce

• Anyone living with a life threatening diagnosis

• Anyone living with a life-altering situation, such as a chronic condition or illness

• Anyone grieving the actual and anticipated losses related to the stages of development such as takes place for children with developmental challenges

• Anyone grieving the loss of a body part or alteration in functioning or daily living

• Anyone grieving the actual and anticipated losses related to relocation, including loss of home such as relocation to a care facility, or another country.

• Anyone grieving the loss of culture, cultural practices or language

• Anyone about to, or who has recently retired

• Anyone who have recently lost a job or valued position, including a loss of goals and dream

Those working with clients who have chronic conditions

Those working with clients in rehabilitation situations

Those working with residents in Assisted Living or in Long-term Care facilities.


2 Responses to Who Should Attend Grief Support Certification

  1. Terra says:

    Hi interested in your Grief Course on the website I see two dates? Is the course May 15-19th 2017? or is it May 1-5 2017? If the course is May 1-5th I am unable to attend. And if the course is May 1-5th 2017 when would you be holding the next grief course?

  2. Marlane says:

    Hello Terra, May 15-19, 2017 is the next Grief Support Certiication training offered in St. Albert, Alberta. It will be great to see you there.

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