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Taking Flight’s Grief Support Certification Training Overview




Since grief affects every aspect of humanness, interventions must be holistic in nature. The grief theory and associated clinical methods taught during Taking Flight’s Grief Support Certification training address the effects of grief on every aspect of humanness. During this training you learn strategies, of proven success, which help and heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual manifestations of grief. Knowledge and practical skills for helping and healing behaviors that affect the social, cultural and natural environments of grieving persons are also included as important portions of the learning experiences.

A Different Approach to Healing

A Different Approach to Healing

Maslow  (1954)                                    Simington (2000)

At Taking Flight International we acknowledge that the essence of human beings is spiritual, regardless of whether or how they participate in religious or cultural observations. All healing and education offered in Taking Flight’s Grief Support Certification Training build upon this philosophy. During the Grief Support Certification training you learn how to apply to grief therapy, the uses of music, therapeutic art, guided visualization, and sacred rituals as ways to help and heal the body, mind, emotion, and spirit of the grieving persons to whom you offer support.


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