Course Outline Grief Support Certification


The primary goal of Taking Flight’s Grief Support Certification Training is that all who attend gain advanced knowledge and skills to work in more holistic ways with individuals and in group settings, with those who have experienced grief.

Since basic to this program is the belief that a therapeutic helper can only bring another as far along the healing journey as the therapist has already come, a secondary goal of this program is the facilitation of personal healing experiences for each participant.


1) Gain knowledge and skill necessary to alleviate emotional and spiritual suffering as life ends

2) Receive advanced knowledge of grief and grief responses

3) Advance therapeutic counseling skills.

4) Apply numerous experiential activities to help and heal physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and behavioral manifestation of grief

5) Receive Certification to offer Grief Support to individuals and groups.

Education Process

During this interactive and experiential certification training you examine, in holistic ways the implications of supporting others during dying and through the grief experiences. You explore the stresses inherent to care-giving and practice self-care strategies which empower you as a therapeutic helper and which enhance the care-giving experience.


The teaching and learning methods used in the Grief Support Certification Training build upon the theories and practices that flow from holism, art as therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, and ancient healing methods. Human and universal energy field theory and practices are incorporated, as are the theories and practices of mental health nursing, sociology, and developmental, spiritual and counseling psychologies.

Each level of learning employs a four-part process, combining knowledge with experiential activities. This process does more than provide information and advance skills. When applied accurately and consistently, this method brings about healing for those involved.

Course Content

Unit One: The Framework

Unit Two: Safety First

Unit Three: The Context of Grief

Unit Four: Grief across the Lifespan

Unit Five: Supporting as Death Draws Near

Unit Six: Applying Therapeutic Skills during a Time of Grief

Unit Seven: The Therapeutic Helper: Self Care and Team Support

Conditions for Certification

1) Attendance at all sessions

2) Full participation in all activities and discussions

3) Achieving a passing grade (over 80%) on the Take Home Exam

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