Course Costs On Site Grief Support Certification

Grief Support Certificate Course Costs

Forty hours (40) of education, experiential activities and skill attainment are provided over a five day period.  Two evening sessions  (from 6:00 – 8:00pm) are required during the training week.

It is not required, but because this training is intense, to meet your healing and emotional safety needs we recommend that you stay at the retreat centre for the entire training.


Costs With Accommodation

Includes tuition, books, supplies, all meals and rooms from lunch the first day of class to finish on last day = $2,152,50 ( including GST).


Costs With no accommodation

Includes tuition, books, supplies, and five lunches  = $ 1,942.50 including GST.




2 Responses to Course Costs On Site Grief Support Certification

  1. Selena Backman says:


    When would the grief support certification course finish on the Friday (nov 6)?

    Thank you


  2. Marlane Tucker says:

    We usually finish by 2;30PM.

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