Benefits of Grief Support Certification

Benefits of the Grief Support Certification Training


1) Certification as a provider of grief support.

2) Tax credit made available

3) Approved for 40 CEU’s’ For Certification and Re-certification from Canadian Addiction Counselor’s Certificate Federations (CACCF).

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Click here to learn about the education credits from CACCF.

4) Approved for Social Work Category A credits

5) Equivalent to one elective course (3 credits) or one elective or art therapy studio course toward a Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality Degree from St. Stephen’s College, located on the University of Alberta Campus, Edmonton, Alberta.

6) Equivalent to one elective course (3 credits) toward a Master of Theological Studies from St. Stephen’s College.

7) Applicable to 15 personal counseling hours of the total personal counseling hours required by St. Stephen’s College for attainment of a Master degree in Psychotherapy and Spirituality.



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