Who This Training is For TRC

Who This Training is For

The physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual effects of trauma are experienced regardless of the age, culture, religion, or the gender of the person who has experienced or witnessed trauma. Individuals in each of the groups listed below have the potential for experiencing post-traumatic stress. If you are a professional or semi-professional working with, or would like to work with, individuals from any of the following or similar groups, this training is of great value to you. If you are a professional or semi-professional choosing to be more trauma-informed, this training will most assuredly meet your learning and skill-attainment goals.

Individuals in these and other group have the potential for PTSD

  • Residential school survivors
  • Survivors of political terror and/or torture
  • Active or retired military, firefighters, police officers
  • Active or retired health professionals who respond to trauma: nurses, EMTs
  • Victims of child abuse
  • Adult survivors of child abuse
  • Victims of bullying
  • Those abusing alcohol or other drugs
  • Those at risk for suicide
  • Those attempting to heal after a traumatic loss
  • Those with uncontrollable anger and fears
  • Those involved in domestic violence
  • Those grieving sudden, tragic or multiple deaths
  • Those unemployed following a difficult life event


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