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Reviews from Graduates of the

Trauma Recovery Certification Training 


What I learned most is that you don’t always have to talk about your issues/trauma to heal. I learned that there are other ways of healing such as through meditation, visualization and doing different exercises, such as writing to the Fire Spirit. The things I liked best were the hands on – applying the skills we learned. Honestly there was not one thing I disliked. I enjoyed the whole experience.

Wanda Arnault, April 25, 2017.

The healing exercises and ceremonies were helpful in cleansing my Spirit and grounding me. It is a good healing tool and I will use it. The training was very informative and intense. I enjoyed every moment of the learning and looked forward to attending each day. Things I liked best was the healing exercises and the respect received from the group. The group was facilitated very well.

Delma Kipling, April 25, 2017.

The guided imageries are well laid out to use. We received enough practice to be comfortable. Facilitating the Four-Part process makes so much sense and is non-threating to do.

Lori Aliche, April 25, 2017.

I liked best, the professional manner, in which the course was presented. I also like the attentive and kind manner shown to all participants, respecting the needs of everyone.

Karen Benwell, April 25, 2017.

I gained great knowledge and tools. I feel confident that I can work and not pick up or deliver more trauma to myself or to my clients. I have received genuine healing for myself and found ways to help others. I enjoyed the course in its entirety. I understand the level of commitment and work needed to ne a trauma counsellor. I liked best Jane’s care and the knowledge she shared in teaching both as a class and as a personal level. The work was great and much appreciated.

May Jo Badger, April 9, 2017.

An invaluable training, suitable for therapist/clients/and anyone seeking information and experience in this subject. Amazingly creative. I am in awe of jane’s techniques that blend science, medicine and spirituality into a wonderful potpourri of knowledge, experience, madness and soul talk. Healing occurs over and over. I arrived quite grief-stricken and felt empty, lost and numb physically. From the first day of the training and onwards I felt jane’s care, presence and confidence as she worked with me. Each day I felt a little more grounded, a little saner, a little more awake.

Terra Martin, April 9, 2017.

The program has the right balance of theory and practice. The training manual and resources are so beneficial for our practice. Jane’s availability and commitment to support her graduates is commendable and speaks to her caring nature toward her graduates and the good work they do. What resonates is simply this: we cannot give what we don’t have, so much healing and learning took place, this in my mind makes me a better counselor for my clients. The gift was the healing we experienced. Gratitude is here.

Shirley Hunter, April 9, 2017

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, passion, love & light with us all. The TRC was the most intensive learning experience I have encountered thus far on my Life Journey because it involved my personal growth, healing, and sharing.

Have a great day and a wonderful Journey and hope to see you down the road a ways 🙂

                                                                                      In Friendship, Love & Light,  Barb 

Thank you so much for this deeply inspiring and informative course. I feel very empowered to help others in this way and look forward to the practicum!          Angela Hall


I want to tell you how excited my clients are with the tools you taught us which I am using with them. They go into the journeys really deeply and they feel the therapeutic impact on them. They achieve very quick progress intra-personally and inter-personally and they feel grateful. Anthi Belle, Trauma Recovery Certification Training, Athens Greece.

Dr. Jane Simington’s Trauma Recovery Certification is an excellent program. The training gave me the opportunity to heal from deeply rooted trauma, and also provided me with the necessary skills and tools to work effectively with groups. Healing from a spiritual perspective is definitely most rewarding and beneficial. Kawennakatste, BSW, RSW, Director, Healing Drum Society, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

After I participated in Dr. Jane Simington’s workshops and training sessions, I became more confident when facilitating healing circles and assisting people who were experiencing trauma or crisis. I now utilize Jane’s intervention skills and healing practices in my own life, and also in the work I do with others. There has been a very positive ripple effect from the first healing circle that I did with Jane, one that now extends to the men, women and children of all ages with whom I work. Roberta Whiskeyjack, BA, Trauma and Addictions Counselor, Saddle Lake Community Wellness Coordinator, Saddle Lake First Nations, Alberta.

It has been an honor to receive both soul healing and training from Dr. Jane. I am now fully alive, purposefully walking on my life’s path. The Universe sings your praises, Dr. Jane, and so do I.  Maria Hutton Aldcorn, Life Transitions Counselor and Facilitator, Nampa, Alberta.

I have benefited from Jane’s work both personally and professionally. Her insights and gifts have allowed me to heal from past trauma, and have shown me the way to reach personal heights that I had never before imagined. I am so grateful for my own healing, as it is this healing that has opened the way for me to be with others as they, too, move quickly into their own deep healing experiences. Jane’s work is spiritually guided, and contributes to the healing of all, as we remember our path of Oneness.  Suzanne Prince Gette, MSW, RSW, Grief and Trauma Specialist, First Nation’s Communities, Manitoba. 

I had the opportunity to participate in the Trauma Recovery Certification training offered by Dr. Jane Simington. Even though I had previously done some inner healing, I found that this training touched me deeply. It helped to set me free, and gave me the hope that I could do more such work – not only for myself, but for others as well.  Fr. Bill Stang, OMI, Diocese Keewatin and The Pas, Manitoba. 

Teacher, mentor, healer and friend – Jane became, for me, all of these and more when I participated in the Trauma Recovery Certification program. Today I am more present, and my spirit is soaring. I am living a richer life because of the healing I experienced while educating myself to become a better professional. During this training I acquired the theory of trauma, and I also experienced the healing power of ceremony, music, creativity, art, meditation, Spirit and the gifts of nature. It is with gratitude for Jane’s work that I now facilitate workshops in my own community, sharing the knowledge, and offering to others the opportunities for healing from life’s trauma. Lynn Pack, RSW, Home Support Supervisor, City of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

As a counselor who works with severely traumatized human beings, I became aware that my clients were not reaching their desired level of healing. Dr. Jane Simington’s Trauma Recovery Certification program assisted me in healing from my own soul pain, and transformed my professional counseling skills and abilities to help me work with others as they delve into their deepest pain. I have witnessed healing miracles as people take huge steps forward. I am so grateful for the teachings from Dr. Simington. Rhonda Loewen Hutchinson, RSW, CTSS, MADEM (c), Trauma Consultant, First Nation Communities, British Columbia.

Comments from Graduates about the Trauma Recovery Certification Training


  • This is an excellent program – I’ve recommended it to many people I know and work with.
  • It is exciting to know that people who have experienced trauma can truly recover and not be stuck in their way of thinking and behaving. There is a light!
  • The teachings offered in this course went far beyond my grasp on what trauma is, means, its ubiquitous effects on life & a quantum leap for me.
  • Seeing/experiencing/witnessing and participating in the healing that occurred is invaluable. Beyond theory, beyond an intellectual/emotional level & it truly touched my soul and changed my concept/practice of healing.
  • Seeing/experiencing/witnessing and participating in the healing that occurred is invaluable. Beyond theory, beyond an intellectual/emotional level & it truly touched my soul and changed my concept/practice of healing.
  • I’ve never learned so many skills at one time, like I did at this program.
  • Jane is very respectful and sensitive to each person in the class. She has been open and made clear that she is available for each individual.
  • Jane provides a rich balance between lectures, practice techniques, and other experiential techniques.
  • Excellent training; the best learning I have experienced in my life,
  • Everything I learned was presented and integrated in such a way that my knowledge spiraled throughout the three weeks. This, coupled with the experiential, has given me a really wonderful place to work from.
  • I am so honored, thrilled and humbled to have been a participant in this course. At this time I could not do justice to the wealth you bestowed upon us. It’s like being invited to a banquet and not having had the time to delight and digest it all yet.


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