Enhancing Skills Overview

Enhancing Skills in Trauma Recovery  

Enhancing Skills Training is for those already Certified in Trauma Recovery by Flight International Corporation.  

Take Advantage of this Opportunity to Advance Your Personal Growth and to Enhance Your Skills to help traumatized people heal and move forward in life. This training is offered to you as a Certified Trauma Recovery Provider. During these four days, you will acquire information and gain practical application of a number of the more complex techniques to assist those who are attempting to move beyond their past traumas and reconnect with their lives in more complete and purposeful ways.

This training can be used as the ten personal hours and the ten professional hours you are required to maintain the annual recertification required by CCPC Global (Canadian Counsel of Professional Certification), to maintain your designation as a Certified Trauma Recovery Counselor. This training also gives you 24 core hours towards certification or recertification with CACCF (Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation.)

 During this training you:

o    Apply two strategies to change the emotional impact of a life event.

o    Practice soul retrieval for a person who is absent.

o    Practice regression therapy to reclaim soul parts that remain in a past life situation.

o    Apply therapeutic activities to help identify one’s unique talents and abilities.

o    Recognize the relationship between one’s talents and one’s purpose in life.

o    Practice progression therapy to examine future possibilities.

o    Advance your abilities to offer workshops that focus on helping others live more meaningful and purposeful lives.

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