Course Costs Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery Certificate Course Costs

The Trauma Recovery Certification training consists of two modules. You complete both modules to achieve certification.

  • We recommend you take both Module 1 and Module 2 with the same group. If this is not feasible, you may elect to do a split course option. In the Split-Course Option, you complete Module1 with one group, and return at some later date to complete Module 2, with a different group.
  • Because this training is intense, to meet your healing and emotional safety needs we recommend that you stay at the retreat centre for the entire training.


Costs for the Full-Course Option (Both Modules taken with same group)


With Accommodation

  • Includes tuition, books, supplies, all meals and rooms from lunch the first day of class to finish on last day = $4,474.50 (GST included).

With no accommodation

  • Includes tuition, books, supplies, and lunches from the first day of training  = $ 3,756.30 (GST included).

Click to obtain an Application Form for the Trauma Recovery Certification training.


Costs for the Split-Course Option (Modules taken with different groups)

If you choose the Split-Course Option, there is an administrative fee of $200 plus GST. = $210.00. This is payable when registration payment for the first module is due.  Total cost for both Modules is $4,684.50.

Module 1     Module 2
$2,330.72                         50% Tuition, Meals, Accommodation & 100% application fee and administration fee $2,130.72
$116.53   GST $106.53
$2,447.25   Total $2,237.25


Total cost for both Modules in the Split-Option is $4,684.50.

Click to obtain a Split Option application for (WORD .doc) for Taking Flight’s Trauma Recovery Certification Training.


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